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Anxin Product Test Service Co., Ltd. is an authoritative third party certification testing, inspection agencies, professional providing the LVD and EMC test services, chemical analysis and testing of materials, electrical and electronic products (hazardous substance testing RoHS), toy safety testing, environmental testing battery, wireless products, mechanical products, building materials and furniture and other products safety testing, certification and inspection services. To provide universal product solutions for many industries and one-stop full field testing and certification and inspection service platform to help enterprises to deal with various global technical barriers to trade, promotion the competitive advantage of enterprises, to meet the requirements of high standards of quality.
The Lab according to ISO 17025 to establish and operate, detection instrument by Rohde & Schwarz, Germany, Switzerland EMTEST and YYOKOGAWA, Agilent and Tektronix and other world top equipment vendors, advanced equipment and sophisticated, reliable site environmental control, traceability.
Inspection team has long been engaged in by the international certification of senior experts and industry engineers and technical team, senior high, and international authoritative institutions maintain close cooperation. With excellent technical team and the national certification process, familiar with the standards, can in the shortest period of time for the vast number of vendors to provide certification application on, standards, testing, technical support and Countermeasures for certification of "one-stop" services. Engineers can considering cost and production process, to develop a viable, effective certification rectification programme, greatly shorten the cycle, your product assured access to major world markets, more competitive in the market.
SCT adhere to the "fair, honest, accurate, fast," the quality policy, accurate detection methods and quality of professional testing services, better for customer service.